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a Sakurai Atsushi LJ community

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Sakurai Atsushi fan community.

This community is dedicated to the amazingly talented vocalist of the Japanese rock band: BUCK-TICK. For over two decades this enigmatic man has captured hearts with his hypnotic voice, charismatic stage presence, and oh-so-decadent lyrics.

Though we're a laid back community, please keep the following in mind:
- This community is meant for adults only; members should be over the age of 18.
- This community has moderated membership; you will need to be approved before gaining access.
- This community does not tolerate harassment, violence, cyber-bullying, or any other criminal behavior.

Basic Rules

ONE: All posts containing any kind of media (graphics, audio, videos, etc.) must be LOCKED. That is, post to MEMBERS - not publicly.

TWO: All media is to be placed behind a LJ-CUT. Previews are acceptable as long as they do not exceed 300 pixels wide (approx. 3 icons side-by-side)

THREE: Fan fiction and fan art is allowed here; please be sure to post it behind a cut and offer an appropriate rating and warning on content above the cut. Be sensible; if your content is too crude then please post it with a fake cut leading to your journal.

FOUR: All posted materials must be kept within the community unless otherwise instructed by the poster. You may not repost or claim any content as yours anywhere else. If you are caught and reported to moderation, you will be banned; no exceptions. We have zero tolerance for theft or plagiarism.

[Example: Member A posts macros you thought were hilarious, so you take them and post them in your journal (even if you give credit) = violation. Ask Member A for permission before posting any and refrain from doing so if you don't gain said permission.]

FIVE: Respect all members. Any problem you have with a member should be addressed privately. If you're being harassed by an atsu_a_go_go member because of something that originated on this community please contact a moderator.

SIX: DO NOT TICK ANY OF THE CROSS POSTING BOXES. We do not want any content to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

SEVEN: NO HOTLINKING. Upload graphics to your own account, and always remember to credit!

EIGHT: Respect Sakurai Atsushi. We're pro-squeals but please remember that he is a human being, not an object. We're cool with most things just be tasteful. The main reason we're here is because we respect him as an artist first and foremost.

[Please support Acchan & Buck-Tick by purchasing their merchandise. It's the best way you can keep them coming back with more amazing music and pr0n.]

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